I've been to Wingfest for the last three years. Each year, I figure out a better way of getting through all the booths of the pro's and amateurs before the wings run out. Here are four must do's for WINGFEST.

GET THERE EARLY! Get in line and get those wing tickets ASAP. I can't stress enough. Get there an hour early, so you have first dibs at ALL of the great wings and sauces before they start disappearing.

TSM St. Cloud

LEAVE YOUR PURSE AT HOME. You're going to need your hands for beverages, delicious wings, desserts, beers and more. So bring some cash for the cash options at the front of the venue, like soda, waters, and other foods. Bring enough money to get all the tickets for you and your guests as soon as you arrive.

SPLIT UP....Have one person grab a place to sit, one person grab the beverages, and send the others to different areas to get wings.

TSM St. Cloud

BE PREPARE FOR EXTREMELY HOT WINGS!   Last year people bought wings, and bypassed their beverages.. Some sauces were so hot they were running desperately for something to drink. Get your beverages early, and be prepared for the hot flashes.

Can't wait to see you at Wingfest!