Maybe you've never heard of the Organic food brands you see pictured above.  But after studying many different sources about eating healthy and staying healthy, I've been diving in to see what it's like.  Can a person really eat, and enjoy the foods sold in the Organic section?

Times have definitely changed.  Yes...The food is exceptional and tastes great.  Now when you go to the grocery store, everything that you used to buy in the regular shopping areas, is now mostly all available in the Organic section. Educating ourselves about what we put into our bodies is really up to us.

So we bought 100 % Grass fed beef.  The price?  It was approximately $9 for one pound.  we bought a pound of Salmon, which was about $12 from the deli.  When then purchased Organic hormone free whole milk, and cheeses. We purchased organic corn and peas, as well as the tasty Aldens Ice cream for kicks.   A four cheese healthy pizza, as well as Organic noodles, and spaghetti sauce to make healthy lasagna. Some Coconut milk Eggnog, two boxes of cereal and a loaf of bread topped off our list.  We spent about $100 and made two great meals, and still have some left over for the remainder of the week.  We also were very impressed with the Eggnog flavor, of the Coconut Not...Amazing.  We loved it and we'll definitely be trying to stay on track, and further our knowledge of these healthier choices.

If you want to make your dollars stretch, avoid putting "Chips and cookies" into the cart, and learn to make some healthy dessert items and crunchie tidbits yourself, by using nuts, and almond flour.

The food was a success.  My two young teenage boys both ate every last bit of the salmon, and had a tasty snack of Aldens Organic Mint Chip Ice Cream, which was also delicious!  Thumbs up to shopping Organic.