My mother is such a creative person. I think she received her gardening talents from her Mom, my Grandma Grow, (How ironic we called her Grandma Grow!) Grandma Grow had amazing gardening ideas before her time, and was building small villages, and castles way before Fairy Gardens came along.  She was incredibly talented.


Kelly Cordes 2014



So now, we have the arrival of Fairy Gardens..They are all the rage! My mom was telling me about her new hobby, and she's been preparing for her new fairy gardens for this spring and summer.  So what's a Fairy Garden?

If you understand the fables of fairies, they are mythical creatures that have lots of spunk and like to play in your garden when you'r not looking.   They are joyful, happy creatures that also like to play pranks and have fun...usually at the expense of the Gardener.  When you find things displaced in your garden, we can always blame those crazy little fairies.


Kelly Cordes 2014

I love this idea.  It's not just one garden, but two with a bridge in between.  Like I said, anything goes when you are creating an imaginary world.  I saw all of the beautiful fairy gardens above, at Fairview Gardens in Sauk Rapids.

Fairy Gardens are so extreme, that they even the Real Estate is important.  Finding a unique place to build a Fairy Garden is fun, as well as finding the Fairies, plants, and accessories...Shopping is endless, or you can create your own Fairy Garden items.  It's all about your creativity and imagination.