This was where I felt at home for many, many years. I was a professional singer, and my specialty was singing harmonies for the many people that visited the studio. A great singer from Wisconsin named Rich, also a good friend of mine, was wanting a few harmony parts on his album, so I thought I'd throw in a few. Isn't it funny...How do I ALWAYS end up behind a microphone?!

This picture was taken in my old home's recording studio.  If you're curious what that big round thing is in front of my face, it's called a Pop filter. Basically, it does just what you can imagine it would...It keeps you from sounding "windy" and popping P's when you're singing or talking into the microphone.

While I was there, I believe I did 3-5 songs, with various harmony parts. I've written down some notes on that sheet of paper I'm holding, just to make sure I match the lead singers inflections.  It was a blast.