When anyone is successful at losing weight and transforming their bodies, we all want to know what they did to drop the pounds.

While I don't believe there is a magic pill to losing weight, it comes down to eating right and exercising. That is what Kelly Osbourne did to drop the weight. She spoke with In Touch to talk about her transformation.

"I do up to half an hour of cardio, and I also do circuit training, yoga or Pilates - I mix it up. I try my best to work out five days a week, but that doesn't always happen"

She also said her diet includes a lot of veggies, egg whites, and lean protein but admits to splurging one day a week to enjoy the less healthy foods she still craves. If you can't have your favorite foods from time to time, I would never be able to live a healthier lifestyle! Major props to Kelly though for putting in the hard work. But there is a small secret that Kelly would like to pass on about losing weight.

"People think I lost weight and then got happy, but that's not how it works. You have to get happy first."

It's like the advice we all get on love. You have to love yourself first before love finds you. I totally agree with that! Being happy with who you are and loving yourself on the inside and out makes a better you no matter what jean size you wear! We all want to make a few changes with our bodies, who doesn't. Just remember, you are beautiful just the way you are. Not to quote Bruno Mars, but it's the truth! Beauty on the inside gets reflected on the outside too!

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