That's one expensive manicure! Kelly Osbourne made it public that she got a quarter of a million manicure for the Emmys. Naturally, some people are very angered at that and yelling at her via Twitter.

Kelly says she doesn't care what others think,


When stars do ridiculous things with their money, it always angers people. I'm glad she sees the point that she wasted a lot of money on a manicure, but she has also worked for most of her money. The funny thing is, she didn't even pay for the manicure.


With all things Hollywood the stars that make the money get the most free stuff too! Most of us would rather pay off the mortgage and credit cards with that amount of money or have it donated to charity, but like she said; it was a once in a lifetime experience, and she didn't pay for it. If anything, I think people should be angered at the salon for having such an expensive manicure! I guess the polish was apparently made with black diamonds.

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