Kelly Clarkson isn't going to be flashing anyone any time soon.

For some reason she told the U.K.'s Mirror, she just doesn't have anything to flaunt. Saying that if her music was more sexual, maybe she would be.

"I wasn't blessed with boobs. So flashing is not possible. I do have a good sturdy bra though. I've thought many times I'd look good with boobs the size of my padded bras. There's nothing to flop out like Rihanna. I'm not overtly sexual with my music, you can be sexual without being overt. Hell, if I looked like Rihanna or Britney I'd be all about whips and chains."

I kinda like the fact that Kelly isn't overly sexual in her music. We see it too often. Bring something more to the table then sexiness! It should be about the music, not what singers look like! You go Kelly! That's my two cents anyway!

Check out the Video for her new single, Mr. Know It All

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