Rihanna's Hit Song "We Found Love" may be a personal message to herself to find love in the new year.

According to sources, Katy Perry has been dishing out some love advice for the single Rihanna. "Sources" are saying Rihanna is sad about speding the holidays alone.

"Rihanna's been saying that she'll be all alone over the holidays, so Katy has told her to follow her dating rules in 2012 to ensure she finds a man."

So what advice does Married Katy Perry give Rihanna?

"Katy thinks Rihanna should play the field and has told her to make sure they know you're dating other men and get them to fight over you. No more testosterone-driven athletes or performers. Try an accountant!"

The best love advice I've recieved is to stop looking for it! Love finds you when you least expect it!

Do you trust your friends love advice?

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