It's hard to keep a secret when you a famous.

Seems like the relationship between Katy Perry and John Mayer is blossoming. Katy was spotted leaving John's gated L.A. community and having sleepovers.

"It's very private and they've been sneaking in and out.  It has been going on for a while."

This past weekend they attended a party at the home of a Hollywood talent agent, and the "guests" included creatures from a wild animal preserve, including a kangaroo and an alligator.

"They were really cute.  They were standing near each other most of the night, playing with the animals outside.  [They] definitely enjoyed each others company. They almost acted like they've been a couple for a long time.  It definitely didn't seem like a new relationship."

While I am happy to see Katy moving on in her love life, I'm not sure what to think of John being the twinkle in her eye. Past lovers of John's haven't said very nice things about him, especially Taylor Swift and her "Dear John" song that took him by surprise. Maybe Katy can "tame" John better than good 'ol Russel Brand. I think we all wish the best for anyone when they start something new!

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