Reality TV star and mother of (8) Kate Gosselin called the Get Up & Go Show this morning to chat about her upcoming episode of ABC's Wife Swap. We also got Kate to open up about her experience doing Jon & Kate Plus 8 / Kate Plus 8 and what the kids took away from it all.

Kate tells us why she agreed to put her family on television.

Kate says the TV show gave the kids once in a lifetime opportunities.

What did Kate take away with her after swapping lives with Kendra on Wife Swap?

I know Kate has both her fans and harsh critics.  I found her to be lovely and would have her on the show again anytime.  She's a loving single mom who's doing her best to raise 8 beautiful kids. I think its hard to judge anyone unless you've walked in their shoes.  Catch Kate tomorrow night on the second season premiere of Celebrity Wife Swap 7PM Central on ABC.