JT is hosting the season finale of SNL this weekend, along with Lady Gaga as musical guest- and regardless of what his 'people' are saying about his latest 'romantic involvements', if this promo for Saturday night's show is any indication, his 'bromance' with Andy Samberg is still red hot.

Recently Timberlake has been seen a lot with House hottie Olivia Wilde, but despite the rumors, Justin's spokesperson told ContactMusic.com that JT and Wilde are just friends and confirmed that the two are not together.

"They are friends and are not romantically involved, nor is Mr. Timberlake romantically involved with anyone."

Ummm, we beg to differ, watch as JT gets that 'look' in his eye when Andy Samberg shows up in this week's promo. We're putting money down that Gaga hits up 'Omeletteville' in her 'space-egg'!