To be a kid again! At least now days kids are making all the Benjamin's! I remember my only worries as a child were A) is it raining? and B) can the neighbor kid come out and play.

Justin Bieber created mass hysteria with his boyish looks and catchy teeny-bop songs. No surprise here he has topped a list of the Richest Teenagers in Hollywood! Justin reportedly made $53 MILLION this past year. He's even got Bieber-Fever putting his name on perfume. Kid defiantly knows how to sell himself.

Coming in second on this list is Miley Cyrus, who ONLY made $48 Million. I wish I could say I only made that amount in a year.

Here are a few other rich teens, and the estimated amount they raked in:

Taylor Lautner, $16 million

Nick Jonas, $12.5 million

"Two and a Half Men" star Angus T. Jones, $6 million

Selena Gomez, $5 million

Will Smith's son Jaden Smith, $5 million

And his sister Willow Smith, $4 million

That is great that these kids have made a name for themselves this early. We have all seen what stardom has done for kids in the past, hopefully this new generation of Kid Stars can stay away from the evils of Hollywood!

Personally, if I had to choose mega bucks or having a childhood, I would choose being an actual kid! What about you? Feel free to comment below!

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