Michelle Obama is on a crusade to end childhood obesity. She tried to sink Captain Crunch, outlaw pizza and change our school lunch menus. Now, one company has jumped on board and is banning advertisements that sell junk food during some of their programs.

Disney made the announcement that they were banning junk food advertising during their children's programs on TV, radio and their websites.

Disney owns and operates ABC, along with ESPN, A&E, ABC Family and the Disney Channel. They said that there will be no ads for junk food, fast food, sugary cereal and other foods that don't meet nutritional guidelines.

You won't see any changes right away, however. Current contracts in place prevent pulling advertisements for such things until 2015.

How do you feel about this? Back when I was younger and would watch the After School Specials, Saturday morning cartoons and the like, I don't really remember what was shown in the advertising, but I remember my parents being the ones that policed what was going in my mouth.

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is also banning sugary drinks over 16 ounces from being sold in the five boroughs. Are we really turning into a nanny state? Are we really not watching that closely what our kids eat? What do you think?