Julianne Hough was on boyfriend Ryan Seacrest's radio show last week to promote her new movie, "Rock Of Ages" and when she put him on the spot on live radio.

The interview wrapped up with Ryan saying,

"I'm very proud of you. Go see Julianne in the movie. Thanks, Darling."

Julianne put Ryan on the spot in front of his entire listening audience when she said,

"All right. Love you. Bye."

Ryan however did not respond back with an "I love you too" response, he simply said Bye!

As you can imagine, his staff members were giving him grief for not saying I love you back, so he ended up saying it after Julianne was off the phone. Was it wrong of him to not say it back? Click HERE to check out the interview.

Here are my own humble thoughts. Ryan is a radio Host, he could have been trying to keep things professional between him and Julianne even though we all know they are dating, or maybe he was a little shy, it could be possible he didn't hear the three words because he was getting ready to segue into the next topic. Either way, do we need to hear him say those three words during an interview? Some radio hosts have their spouse on and get lovey dovey, some don't. I know I say this a lot, but to each their own. What do you think?

When a girl says "I love you", does a guy have to say it back?

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