Getting comfortable in a relationship, we've been there, done that. Welcome to the club Julianne!

Julianna Hough is the cover girl for InStyle, and if she didn't reveal that she has gained 20 pounds since she

started dating Ryan Seacrest, I would not have even noticed!

Gaining weight isn't the only thing that has changed since she fell in love. Julianna is a wino. She loves her cheap wine with her best girlfriends. But, since she is dating Mr. Seacrest, he has a taste for the finer wines in life.

‘You ruined my life because I can’t go to a friend’s house and drink cheap wine anymore.’”

Don't worry Julianne, I'm sure Ryan will send the best bottle of wine with you for ladies night!

Fine dining, fine wine, that all changes our bodies. I think the 20 pounds look fabulous on her! I could have easily just given her 20 of my pounds and I'm not even dating anyone to be "getting comfortable."

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