I'll admit it, I was pretty excited about Juan Pablo becoming the latest "Bachelor" when this past season started. That excitement ended fairly quickly.

It was his dashing good looks and the sexy way he spoke. Until he started opening his mouth too much. Ugh. Just stand there and look pretty, Juan Pablo. You'll be much better off that way.


Last night on the "Bachelor" Juan chose Nikki as the winner. Good luck, Nikki. Juan Pablo refused to say he loved Nikki. If he doesn't love her, that's okay. But what happened to all that honesty he talked about all season long? I have more respect for the guy who DIDN'T choose anyone at the end because he wasn't feeling it.  I could go on and on. And there was no excuse for the way he treated Claire, the runner-up. There are so many more reasons why ladies will not be lining up to date Juan Pablo once Nikki wakes up. Unless he never speaks again.