Even though I am not a mom, it's safe to say parenting is not an easy task! Jessica Alba, who has two kids herself (4-year-old Honor Marie and 19-month-old Haven Garner), is asking moms to stop judgeing each other.

Jessica is most known for her Dark Angel and Sin City characters, maybe not the most family friendly roles, but now she is focused on being a mother and wife, not a sexy character. Jessica even has a new book out that shows families how they can live green. Even though that is her lifestlye, she holds no judgment toward those who choose to not life that lifestyle. Heck, she doesn't think people should judge others on their parenting choices either!

"When you become a mom, the last thing you want to do is feel judged because everybody is trying to do the best they can."

Not that my opinion is the be all end all, but I agree with Jessica. We don't know what goes on in someones life, who are we to say their choices are right or wrong. All we can go for ourselves and others is be the best person we can be. Let's not look down on others and only offer a

Her book, The Honest Life, was released on March 12th.

Do you know people who are way too critical of other people's parenting choices?

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