Feel the need for some pre-winter motivation to keep yourself from packing on the Holiday weight? I've even kicked into my 'must look good for family events' mode. I haven't seen some family members for like three years, so I wanna show up looking good!

"Fitness" Magazine recently asked their readers what celebrity body they wanted most. (I personally would take any of their bodies!) But, if I had to choose, I agree with what the woman said.

The body women want most is Jennifer Aniston's with 34% of the votes! Halle Berry, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, and Blake Lively rounded out the top five.

Not to leave men out either, they are just as concerned with their bodies as we are!

The body men want most is Will Smith's with 37% of the votes. Daniel Craig, Zac Efron, Bradley Cooper, and Jon Hamm rounded out the top five.

If you could choose a celebrity body to have (no workout-diet plan needed, right?!) which body would you choose?

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