According to many rumors, it sounds like Jennifer Aniston will finally walk down the isle again sometime this month.

Ever since her split with Brad Pitt, the world had their eyes on Jen, one of America's Sweethearts. We all wanted her to fall in love again after that Angelina lady stole her man away from her. Anyway, after many "just didn't work out" relationships, Perez Hilton says Jennifer and Justin Theroux's wedding bands were recently delivered to her mansion, and while they have gone to extreme lengths to ensure that the nuptials are kept private, a few small details have been leaked!

“Jennifer is trying to keep the wedding date a secret, but it’ll probably be in the week or two after the Oscars, at the end of the month. She wants a low-key do, but pals like her ex-Friends co-stars Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry will attend.”

Wait, there are a few more details to pass along . . .

"Furthermore, Courteney is expected to serve as the bride's maid of honor, her daughter Coco - who is also the goddaughter of Jen - is expected to be the flower girl, and Ben Stiller - who is close friends with Justin - will also be one of the 50 people invited to attend!"

I can't wait for Jen's big day. She has always been one of my favorite actresses. I personally hope that she gets the wedding she desires to the man that will stand by her until the end of time!

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