The ever famous Soprano singer is heading to space for a price, right around $50 Million would be a good ballpark figure.

Sarah Brightman's dream has come true and inspired by the space race back in the 60's.

Sarah had to go through some pretty extensive endurance tests,as well as; medical testing but the singing star passed with flying colors. The testing took place in the cosmonaut training facility just outside of Moscow and she looks to blast off in the Russian Soyuz rocket in 2015.

Sarah will end up spending 10 days at the International Space Station, did I mention it cost her $50 Million to get get on board.

The classical crossover timed this all out just right as she has announced a new album and a global tour scheduled that will consume of year of her time. An interesting note, being the first singer to get the nod for space she is also talking of performing a stage show at the space station, kinda cool.

After the tour ends Sarah will head back to Moscow to complete her cosmonaut training for another 6 months. If her name doesn't strike you maybe her hit titled, "I lost My Heart to a Starship Trooper" will, which was released back in 1978.

Happy travels Sarah and if you would bring me back a souvenir would ya?