Get a translator because Mom and Dad you're entering the age of "Teen Speak".

A good way to define it is read between the lines to get a clue of what dialog is coming your way.

Parenting teenagers can be a challenge, if you don't believe that you're in denial. I'm a father of two girls, they are grown up and when they were teens they had a language of their own but now there are more words and phrases to the equation.

Here's a classic example of "Teen Speak", the picture to the left, the girls shorts say,"Get Low" if you can find an urban dictionary close by it simply means," When the females buttocks gets down to the floor and they work it."

According To Author Michelle Lamar:

When a Teenager Says:
"I'm going to my room to do my homework."

What This Really Means:
I'm going to Skype my friends for hours discussing events of the day.

When a Teenager Says:

"Hello? Of course I was nice to my sister."

What this Really Means:
I didn't cause her bodily harm. This time.

The bottom line is teens will tend to provide parents with the least amount of information possible simply because parents WAY tends to spoil all the fun.

I think the teens today are very private, if you don't believe me try kissing your teen on the cheek iin front of his/her friends (ain't happening).

Love them to death and enjoy them, maybe even try to learn some of the lingo they might even appreciate it, besides who knows you may even get farther with them than you thought.

Communication is a beautiful thing isn't it?