Have you seen the breakdown on how Iron Man equals a woman? That might explain why it would cost $1.6 Billion to be Iron Man!

So, how does Iron Man equal a woman? Iron on the periodic table is Fe. Man is just a short version of male. Therefore, Iron Man equal Woman! We know we can be a little expensive at times. We want the best of the best, when we can afford it! The funny thing with Iron Man, it all has to do about fashion. His or HER suit!

The breakdown of the suit is pretty amazing! Let's relate this back to the being a woman.

You'd need $36 million alone for that nuclear power source thing in the chest. Not really sure how one could be made or why we need it. I should write a letter to the cast of The Big Bang Theory to see what they come up with. Talk about an expensive "necklace."

Then there's $54.1 million for the helmet with its holographic imaging technology. Again, we spend a lot on our hair and accessories to pretty it up.

The rest of the suit will run you a cool $10 million. That's just one outfit! Imagine if Iron Man changed clothes and matched everything as often as we do!

Last but not least, there's the "little" things, like the $1.5 million wrist-mounted anti-tank missile launchers and the $400,000 shoulder-mounted anti-personnel guns. We do spend a lot on accessories!

The Huffington Post did a beautiful breakdown of everything in much better detail, including the cars for Iron Man. Click here to check it out!

In conclusion of this story, Iron Man really is a woman! What man really cares that much about his accessories, hair, necklaces and outfits?!

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