I spent the weekend in my home town of Glyndon, Minnesota. Lots of family time and a little driving around checking out places where I spent time growing up. Including the Fargo Theatre.

My friend, Anita, worked here when she was in high school. She went to Moorhead High, but we became friends after taking a graphic arts class together in Moorhead. Once in awhile I would stop to visit her while she was working. Usually after everyone had gone in for the movie, so she had a little time to chat. She whipped up some pretty awesome popcorn (with extra butter).

But what struck me this weekend when I saw the Fargo sign, was how this has become a part of pop culture. Fargo the movie, and now the television show. (I love both)  And who knew all those years ago while I was visiting Anita, that this little theatre would become the symbol of really nice people who talk funny.

Obviously, the character that Billy Bob Thornton plays in the TV show is not from around these parts. He's not very nice. And I love him!