The temperature was hot and the ladies were ready for their four favorite guys. 98 Degrees took the stage Saturday night as part of "The Package Tour" and didn't disappoint. They performed a nice mix of old and new hits, plus showed the capacity crowd at the Target Center why they're still around after taking a 10 + year hiatus.

Macy Lynn meets 98 Degrees (Chad Taylor)

My daughter Macy was super excited to see Nick, Justin, Drew and her old buddy Jeff.  She got dressed in her Saturday best and even showed the guys her "One Direction" purse, but was quick to remind them that 98 Degrees puts on a better show.  She also got the opportunity of a lifetime to go on stage and be one of the "My Everything" girls.

I can't say enough great things about 98 Degrees.  They are one of the "classiest" vocal groups around and have a "great" reputation among media outlets around the country.  The guys know how to treat their devoted fans and deliver a show that the "newer" boy-bands could learn a thing or two from.

Chad, Jeff (98 Degrees) and HK (Chad Taylor)

I've had the pleasure of working with founding member Jeff Timmons for many years.  He made sure that we got the total experience and I can't thank him enough for his hospitality.  Jeff is a devoted husband and father (his family is on the tour bus with him) and he told me quote, "He wouldn't have it any other way." He's currently hard at work on his next solo album, producing a new TV show called "Men of the Strip" and promoting the new 98 Degrees album 2.0 which was released earlier this year.

Macy with Justin from 98 Degrees on stage (Chad Taylor)