The bust you get for going over 21 won't be the biggest one at the Tropicana Casino and Resort in Atlantic City.

The casino plans to hire some - how shall we say? - well-endowed female dealers to distract people at the blackjack tables.

As a gambling man, I can tell you, we don't need anymore distractions at the blackjack table.

But the Trop has decided to hire the big-bosomed babes after a pair of gamblers bamboozled the casino out of more than $11 million in separate incident in the last few months.

The casino wound up losing $1.8 million at the blackjack tables in a one-month stretch, the first time that's happened since 1978.

In April, one gambler won $5.8 million, a feat nearly matched last week when someone else went home after winning $5.3 million. He was a gracious winner, though – he left a $150,000 tip.

But still, two guys take the casino for millions - and all of a sudden all the blackjack dealers look like strippers?

What if there is a woman winning millions at the table?  Are they going to bring in a male dealer, that is handsome, friendly, charming, and built like a Greek god?  Possibly.

Do you think if someone loses a lot of money at a table with the 'good-looking' dealer - they might say something like,"Excuse me, can you please bring back Phong, the 60 year old Asian man, that was my dealer thirty minutes ago?"

Asian dealers are lucky, you know.