You love your pet, and want to share everything you do with them...However, not all things that are safe for humans, are safe for your pets.    Harmful foods, plants, and substances in and around the house can be very dangerous for them.  Here's a list of things you need to be aware of, so that your can ensure your pet is living in a healthy home environment during Halloween and every other day of the year.


Hide The Halloween Candy from Fido

Chocolate can be toxic to dogs, and the darker the chocolate, the more dangerous it is for your dog to eat.  Theobromine in chocolate, causes hyperactivity, increased heart rate and can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, siezures and sudden death.  Your best bet is to keep chocolate candy and baked goods , like chocolate chip cookies, away from your dog.


As the weather gets colder, people will be adding more antifreeze to their vehicles.  It's great for protecting your car, but its absolutely deadly for your pets.  If you see a puddle in the driveway, or while you're walking your pet, make sure they don't get near it.  Antifreeze causes kidney failure and is incredibly painful for your pet.  Pets find the taste sweet and inviting.  If you know that someone has spilled antifreeze on your premises, make sure you wash it away with a hose and water, and make sure it dries before letting your pets back outdoors.



Buckle Up

Most people wouldn't think about getting in a car and driving away without their seat belt on.  It's very important that you give your pets the same safety consideration.  It prevents them from wandering around the car, and distracting the driver,   It also keeps them secure in case of an accident.  For small dogs and cats, a better option is to use a pet carrier or crate while riding in the vehicle.




Bad Trash!

If your pets like to rummage through the trash for scraps, keep a close eye on what they find.  Chicken bones are hollow and can splinter when chewed, causing oral or intestinal damage.   Scraps from onion and garlic can damage your pets red blood cells and even lead to life threatening anemia.  Other dangerous foods include grapes and raisins, which can cause kidney failure, and gum or snacks that contain xylitol can lead to harmful drops in blood sugar.





Some of the most popular flowers, shrubs and plants you use to decorate your home and yard may pose a risk to your pets.  Don't let your pets nibble on lilies, azaleas, chrysanthemums, amaryllis, English ivy or poinsettias.  If you are not sure about the plants in your home, get rid of the plants altogether.  Offer them to a friend or family member that doesn't have pets as an alternative to throwing them away.

Following these simple guidelines can ensure that your pet is safe this halloween, and keep them happy and safe all year round.  Happy "Howl" oween!