Thankfully, I work for a really great company and from the top down, everyone is really great. Very communicative, very open and honest, but some workers aren't as blessed to have good managers in place. Here are four types of bosses that can be considered "toxic". 

The Slacker

They're the ones that look busy and annoyed, but it's only because what they ordered from Skymall isn't going to get here on time. They also take long lunches, and are busy "networking" by playing Words with Friends. Then Friday comes and they're running around screaming about deadlines and unfinished projects and somehow it's your fault and you need to help pick up the pieces.

The Land Mine

You, my friend have been a model of productivity all day. You only took half of your allowed hour for lunch, your email in-box is clear and everything has been answered, you have no voice mails have to be returned and are working ahead. It's a quiet afternoon, say 2:30ish. You're about to run downstairs and grab a Diet Coke when out of nowhere, BAM! Your boss is at your desk yelling in your face in front of everyone about how you haven't gotten your time sheet in.

The Egomaniac

Everything is about them and the rules apply to everyone except for them. Everyone exists for the sole purpose of making them feel awesome and make their life more convenient. They always take credit for the well done project you and your team stayed late finished and worked really hard on. They also pass blame to you for anything that goes wrong.

Michael Scott

Arrogant. Incompetent. Desperate. Unintentionally offensive. Unfortunately, Michael Scott does exist outside of Dunder Mifflin Paper. The Michael Scott can't decide if he wants to be your boss or your friend but aren't very good at either.

So, how do you deal with these types of bosses? Well, the simple answer would be to just not deal with it and quit, but with jobs so scarce these days, that's the simple answer, but not the best answer.

CBS Money Watch writer Steve Tobak says that one way is to make sure it's not you. Ask someone you trust who knows both you and your boss to give some perspective. You could be blowing things out of proportion, but whatever you do, don't go head to head with your boss. You're going to lose. Instead, schedule a private one on one with your boss and talk things over, but remain calm. If it heats up, then back down and last resort, go over their head. Talk to HR, but again, remain calm. No one is going to want to listen to you if you're ranting, raving and yelling.

If you're burned out and depressed about it, get some help or take a good hard look at leaving, but don't just pack your desk and walk out. Nothing is worth risking your health and livelihood.