It is the time of the season where we seem to go crazy for the ever popular pumpkin. Their great for pies, decorating, making flavor craft beer but how's this for a twist the pumpkin burger.


Well it's in full swing the pumpkin burger being served in Japan at Burger King and here's the layout, two slices of pumpkin (in Japan it's spoke as the kabocha which is primarily a type of squash),bacon,lettuce,a beef patty and a creamy nut sauce.

The nut sauce is made up of peanuts, almonds ,sesame seeds, cashews and hazelnuts all these ingredients are the make-up of a delicious creamy, savory delight.

The bun is sesame and shaped like a pumpkin. The price of the burger is roughly $3.90 or 310 yen.

Also available is the 'Pumpkin Bomb' in case you're a pumpkin fanatic, this option is 10 slices of pumpkin for an additional $1.26 or 100 yen.

ボナペティ (Bon Appetit)