It's been said before: Sex sells. But when is something considered too sexy?

ABS is refusing to air the commercial for Madonna's New Perfume, Truth or Dare. They say Madonna shows too much cleavage and buttcheeks. They want her clothing digitally enhanced so less skin is visible before they will even consider running it!

There is no word if Madonna will make any changes.

I watched the video thinking to myself, where is the too much skin? Have they not seen other commercials on the TV that are more risque than Madonnas? Half the "dresses" on "Dancing With The Stars," which is also on ABC, show more skin than this 30 second commercial. I get it. TV Shows and commercials seem to be pushing the envelope and maybe going a little too over the top. But where does it stop?

Even if ABC doesn't run the ads, good chance FOX, CBS, and NBC will.

Do you think the ad is too sexy for TV?

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