Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have already settled their divorce. So, how does Katie feel about it? 

Sources close to the actress say that she is "very happy" with the settlement she received. We likely won't know the complete details of the settlement, but, it sounds like Suri was the reason why the divorce was settled so quickly.

A Los Angeles family attorney who is not representing either side believes that Tom may have shelled out as much as $50 million dollars to get it over with and that's not including child support for Suri. The attorney says that's a pretty fair amount according to California divorce laws. It's anywhere from seven to ten percent of a person's income.

A rep for Katie blasted the attorney and any public record claiming to know the details of the settlement, claiming that everything was filed confidentially.

So, do you think that Katie will scale back her lifestyle now that she's on her own? Do you think that her and Tom argued over money or did she just ask for an amount and Tom handed it over to be done with it?