What happens when you and the ex are planning on re-marrying someone else around the same time? If you are Jennifer Aniston you take a step back and change your own wedding date.

"Us Weekly" says Jen is doing jsut that. She doesn't want to share the spotlight with Brangelina who are also supposed to be getting married soon. I don't know about you, but I haven't seen any save the dates form either Jen or Brad. No one really knows their wedding dates. So the validity of this story is based on random sources who think they know all, which is why we love gossip so much!!

A source says,  "Jennifer heard that Brad and Angelina's wedding was coming up, so her first instinct was to rush to get hers over with first.  Then she decided to just put her plans on hold. She does not want her day associated with them . . . [she hasn't done any planning] in a month."

Jennifer and Brad got divorced in 2005, and even though they've both said numerous times that they've moved on, and that they're even cordial with each other, the tabloids can't seem to let it go.

Personally, I don't blame her. It's both of their big days, who wants to share the cover of people their their ex? Although, it would make for some good T.V. Bride Wars anyone?!

Who's wedding would you like to attend: Jen and Justin or Brad and Angelina?

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