The couple is probably still celebrating their engagement and the whole world wants to know if Jennifer Aniston will make Justin Theroux sign a prenup.

Personally, I think it would be a smart thing to do. She is worth $120 Million, where as Justin is worth $10.5 Million. I don't even want to think of the "if" they split up talk. I just want to be happy for Jen. She has been one of my favorite celebrities since I started watching "Friends". So happy she has found love again.

But, to share what people that may or may not know what's going on, sources say Jen wants to be careful.

"Jen is leaving nothing to chance due to her poor track record with men. She's working feverishly with her lawyers to hash out the pre-nup so she and Justin can marry by the end of the year.  Then they plan to start adoption proceedings so they can bring home a baby in 2013."

Fox News says Jen has been feeding false information to various friends, to find out which ones are leaking stuff to the press. I don't blame anyone for doing that. You can't trust everybody. When you work in an industry where hot stories make tabloids filthy rich, you never know who you can really trust. My bet is that she isn't dishing out any information, true or false, to Angelina Jolie. Just saying.

I think Jen is a smart woman and will do what is best for her. The National Enquirer said that Jen only accepted his proposal on the condition he signs a prenup. Now that the story is everywhere, let's let the happy couple celebrate their love, in peace and quiet!

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