I bet you haven't heard anyone talking about what a "mild" winter we've had this year, over the last few days, have you? 

I got a text message yesterday morning from a good friend of mine, in my home town of San Diego, California.  He wanted to let me know that he had just gone surfing at 6am, and that the temp outside was 71 degrees.  Sometimes I really miss the west coast.

Did you go outside at all this weekend?  If you didn't, then you are smarter than I am.  Mother Nature has a way of letting you know when she is upset.  There are three distinctive signs that I recognized this weekend, that assured me that it was too cold to be outside!

The first sign was that my car door would not open.  How cold does it have to be so that your driver's side front door won't open?  However cold it was Saturday morning, is the answer.

The second thing that happened took about thirty seconds.  I LOST MY BREATH.  That's right, it was sooooooo cold that my breathing pattern changed, I was gasping for air, literally.  I very rapidly was becoming light-headed, as well.

And finally, the ultimate sign that it was too cold to be outside this weekend - it was so cold that MY DOG didn't even want to go outside.  She took about four steps in the snow, then looked at me as if to say "You gotta be kidding me!", and ran back into the house.

She obviously has some "California" in her, too.