Believe it or not, homework may not be doing our kids that much good, after all.  If the following is true - I will not feel guilty anymore, about all the homework that I DID NOT DO back in my school days.

Researchers in Australia discovered that hitting the books at home offered no real benefit to children, and only slightly helped junior high students.  However, a quick 10-15 minute homework session daily does help kids become "self-directed learners", and can prove to be extremely beneficial.

It was also reported that only students in grades 11 and 12 significantly profited from after-school work.  These are the only kids who should be attempting two hours of homework, or more, on a daily basis.

So, take it easy on your kids, as far as the homework goes.  At least until they are a junior or senior in high school!

See what their homework is every day.  Make sure they do it.  Ask questions, and talk about it with them.

Just not for too long.

Make sure to always have some fun before bedtime!