A lot of people are watching their pennies these days, but there's a difference between someone who's trying to mindful of their budget and a plain old cheap skate. How do you tell the difference?

Millionaire Match Maker Patti Stanger has seen her share of rich guys, but just because he has money doesn't mean he wants to spend it. According to a new article in Food & Wine Magazine, Patti has the warning signs to tell if he's a cheap skate.

She says that if he asks you out for coffee, he's probably a cheap skate. I disagree with this one. A first date sometimes has that job interview feel and asking someone for a cup of coffee is a relaxed way to get to know someone. If coffee goes well, move on to dinner. If coffee goes horribly, you still have the evening to yourself. She says if he asks you out for lunch, that's also not a good sign. I also disagree with that. Sometimes people are busy and if you happen to work near each other and there's a great cafe that he likes or a diner that you frequent nearby, go for it. Patti feels that for the romance factor, dinner is the best option and I agree, but a cozy Sunday brunch can be just as romantic.

If he whips out a coupon, run. Patti says that this is a red flag. If you've been together for a few months, fine, but not on a first date. I was with someone for a few months and he pulled out a coupon for a free dessert and it was a little awkward, especially considering he was wearing a tailored suit and drove a super nice car. I think even if you've been dating for a while, the whole coupon thing is a little iffy. It was a little bit of a turn off.

Ordering an appetizer shouldn't be a touchy situation, but if he tries to talk you out of it by saying he doesn't want one or that the main course won't take very long, he's likely looking at how much they cost. If you want one and he doesn't, he should say "Order whatever you'd like." Same goes for dessert. I went on a date with a gentleman to a pretty fancy restaurant in St. Paul and he insisted on the appetizers, the salad course, the soup course, whatever I wanted for dinner and dessert. I was floored and slightly spoiled for the next date because how do you top getting a table at a place that's very hard to get into and a spectacular dinner? That's how it should go. Even if you go to Applebee's, he should still tell you to get the mozzarella sticks, an entree and the dessert shooters.

If you go to order and he says he wants to split an entree. Bells and whistles should be going off in your head. Loudly. Sharing an appetizer or dessert can definitely pump up the romance factor, but suggesting that you split and entree? He's probably watching his wallet and not his weight.

So, do you have any red flags when it comes to dating? Do you agree with this list or is there something you would add?