You can't help yourself when "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO comes on the radio. You start bobbing your head, whispering party rock is in the house tonight...everybody just have a good time. See, now you're singing it too! The official video has been viewed over 426 million times and that has the group thinking about releasing a full-on Party Rock Movie!

They're still just kicking around the idea, so there aren't any real details yet. Redfoo says,

"It might be too much for the world.  You might have to do some sit-ups and stuff [because] you might be laughing . . . you might have to stretch your stomach muscles. The etiquette in movie theaters [is] 'Be quiet!'  We might say, 'Everybody, right now tweet something!' . . . or, 'Take a picture of what's on the screen right now and tweet it out!'  What if we did that in the movie?"

Interesting, needless to say. I guess if everyone else is taking out their phones to tweet and text and take pictures, you can't expect grandma and grandpa to be at the movie! I'm not sure if I would be a big fan of seeing a Party Rock Movie in the theater, maybe at the club though! There is an idea LMFAO....Live Party Rock Movie in the club! What do you think?

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