In America, we are a "scoreboard" related society.  That means, we care who wins and loses.  We care about what's hot, what's not, and who is #1.  We care, and notice, who the winners and losers are around us.  With this in mind, can you think of ANYTHING or ANYONE, that can claim to be America's 'best' or 'favorite' anything - for 20 years in a row?

Well guess what?  Yesterday, the American Kennel Club said that the labrador retriever is America's favorite pooch - for the 20th year in a row.  That is some serious doggy domination. You can check out a gallery of cute puppies from this list by clicking here.

Compare this to other aspects of American society and culture.  American Idol is generally considered America's favorite TV program.  The show is entering it's 10th season, and already has had several transformations.  Do you think A.I. will be as popular in 10 years as it is now?  I don't either.  Seinfeld, Cheers, Friends, all great shows.  All lasted for @ 10-11 years.

No musical act can, or has ever, stayed at #1 for 20 straight years.  Not even close.  Many of those are done after just one album, one song, one tour, or one video.

Have we ever had a team win the World Series, or the Super Bowl, 20 years in a row?  No way.  Have we ever had a president, for that matter, stay in the White House for 20 years?  Nope.

Pete and Jen from The Morning MIX even talked about this list today on their show.

So, now we know who REALLY runs America......the labs.  I know this first hand.  I have one at home.  If I'm not home to take her out at lunch time, Liberty just may start calling my cell phone.  Don't laugh, she butt-dialed 911 the other day.

The paramedics didn't think it was very funny at the time....