Ok....So I get the great opportunity to hear lots of fantastic groups on Mix 949.  But something struck me when I saw the AMA performance of Imagine Dragons...I've been crazy about them ever since. I mean CRAZY!!!!!   I've bought their latest CD...I jam to it every night on my way home.  I've searched the tour schedule to see if I can find them here in Minnesota...AND...Just to let you know, they ARE coming to the Target Center, March 12th....Do you think that I'm going to be there?  I'm sure you're wondering....What struck such a chord with me?  I'd like to know if you feel what I feel....Amazing performers.   Watch the video below and see the phenomenal performance that drove me to become a big fan.  Check out the reaction of the audience.   Some of the best performers in the world agreed....Imagine Dragons....WOW!!!!!