Dear all of our Dream Getaway caller number nines,

I know you've been busy dreaming about where in the world you'd go if you got the chance to go on the trip of a lifetime. Perhaps it's Hawaii, Mexico, Florida, Alaska, France, Ireland -- I wouldn't know because I haven't had the chance to ask you, and that breaks my heart.

I hear your struggle on the phone everyday--the sighs of disappointment and sadness when you realize you were so close but so far away. Sometimes, you say nothing at all, and your silence gives you away. It really affects me sometimes. I wish I could get you qualified, but I can't.

I've done everything in my power to help you out too. I put together a list of tips and hacks to better your chances of getting qualified. I've tried to be encouraging--Always telling you to never give up and keep trying.

I just want to apologize to you, because I know how excited you are for this. Some of you have been waiting a really long time to get qualified and I crush your hopes and dreams everyday by saying, "Sorry, you're caller nine."

We're pulling our winner on Friday, April 1. You still have a few chances left to get qualified. But, seeing as how you have had a stroke of bad luck, I encourage you to register for the online dream getaway. You don't have to be caller number nine online! You're automatically qualified once you enter. Please, qualify online so I don't feel so bad!