So this is the weirdest story. I teach voice lessons on Tuesday nights at Forte Music Academy in Albertville. I try to teach all of my students how to sing "The Star Spangled Banner," because as a singer, it's important to be ready, if someone should ask you to perform at a local event. It just so happens...I was asked!

I was teaching the kids the importance of what are called, "money notes."  If you don't know what a money note is, it's the notes that make the song..the long held out notes that make the crowd go, "WOW!"  (or not).

I was showing them how I hold out my "money notes".....When I was done with one students lesson, our front desk attendant said, "Wow! I work at Canterbury Park and we need singers like you to do the anthem. Would you be interested?"  So of course, I said YES!


The corgi dog races and cupcakes festival will feature cupcakes from all around the Twin Cities area, and there will be 6 heats with 12 dogs in each heat. The Corgi's are competing for top dog. My understanding is the day starts with dog races, and then the first horse race will begin at 12:45 pm. If you'd like more details just click HERE.