Starring: Jason Segel, Amy Adams, Chris Cooper

Summary: Walter is the world’s biggest Muppets fan. He goes on a trip to Los Angeles with his brother Gary (Segel) and Gary’s girlfriend Mary (Adams) to fulfill his lifelong dream of meeting the Muppets, only to find the theater in ruins. While in L.A. Walter learns that the evil oil tycoon Tex Richman (Cooper) is planning to tear down the Muppet Theater to drill for oil. Walter, Gary, and Mary then seek out Kermit to warn him of this evil plot. Now it’s up to Kermit and the gang to raise enough money to save the theater.

I have been waiting for this movie to come out since I heard it was being made. This movie does not disappoint and yes I got a little weepy when Kermit sang “Rainbow Connection.” Kermit has always been my favorite Muppet due to his kindness and loyalty to his friends. The Muppets are silly and fun and feel tangible in a world that relies so much on special effects in order to entertain. I’m so glad that a new generation has been introduced to the Muppets.

Trivia: In Kermit's office, there are many pictures of him with different special guest hosts. One of the pictures is of Kermit and Jim Henson who originally performed Kermit until his death in 1990.

Rated: PG – For some mild rude humor.

Grade: B