Have you ever been suspicious of your significant other? If you can honestly answer "no", then you are either really stupid, or you have a fantastic relationship. Let's hope for the latter.

Either way, an interesting thing happened recently in New Jersey. A woman WAS suspicious of her husband. She thought he may be cheating on her. He denied everything, of course, and told her that this was all in her head.

The woman planted a GPS device in his car. Busted! She proved he was cheating, and filed for divorce.

The husband filed a counter suit against her, and the private investigator that she hired, claiming that his privacy was violated.

The court ruled against the husband. Because the GPS had only monitored his movements in public areas, he had no expectation of privacy.

The moral to this story is that if you think you're being betrayed by your partner - you may want to invest in a GPS system. And that cheaters never prosper....