With the Premiere of "Breaking Dawn Part 1" a few days away, who would have played the cast of "Twilight" if it were an '80s movie?

The people at Moviefone.com asked the "Twilight" cast and their "Breaking Dawn" director Bill Condon that exact question. Here is what they came up with:

Robert Pattinson obviously wasn't old enough in the '80s to play Edward, but Kevin Bacon was! Other suggestions for Edward were Patrick Swayze, Jon Cryer, and Dustin Diamond. Robert came up with Dustin as a joke.

Nominated to play Jacob in the '80s was Keanu Reeves, Emilio Estevez, and Lou Diamond Phillips.

Leading lady Bella was Lea Thompson, Molly Ringwald,Winona Ryder, and Ricki Lake.

All of these suggestions came from the cast and crew, but Director Bill Condon has his own idea of an '80s "Twilight" cast:

Johnny Depp as Edward, Ione Skye (from "Say Anything") as Bella, and the real Karate Kid, Ralph Macchio as Jacob.

I think that would be the best cast right there! Anything with Johnny Depp I am all for watching over and over until the VCR Tape is ruined.

If "Twilight" were made in the '80s, who would YOU cast as the leading roles?

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