Recently, Facebook has unveiled a new tool which lets you "demote" friends to just being "acquaintances".  The tool even suggests friends who might be good candidates for demotion, based on people who you haven't corresponded with for a while.

Interesting.  Now, my computer can suggest who I have, and don't have, as a friend.  I suppose this might come in handy for those with thousands of Facebook friends, but luckily, I am not one of those.  Did you know that the average person only actually hangs out with four of their Facebook friends?

Anyway, the whole notion of demoting a friend, got me thinking.  I came up with a few more categories that the folks at Facebook should consider, to help us better identify our friends.

1) Only Because We Work Together - Fairly self explanatory, right?  Everyone has a few people on their list of FB friends, that are basically only there because they are a co-worker.  You don't socialize with this person.  you don't even know the name of their spouse, nor any of their kids.  You may not really even like this person at all.  But everyone else at work is their FB friend, so it makes you look a little rude, if you're not.

2) I Really Wanted To Get To Know You - Then Unfortunately - I Did - Many of us that are single have lots of these kind of FB friends.  You may have thought they were very good looking, you were certainly very interested at one point.  But you eventually discovered (probably the HARD way) that this is NOT the person you were hoping for.  You don't necessarily need to officially 'unfriend' this person - because in your mind you already did that a long time ago.

3) I Don't Even Really Remember You - I probably met you once, at a party, bar, or something of that nature.  Strangely enough, these are the kind of people that seemingly NEVER STOP POSTING - and you could totally care less.  Not many things irritate me more, than having to read about the details of the life of someone I don't even know, or remember.

4) My Spouse's Friends and Co-workers - Enough said.  You really don't care too much about these people either, and if you did, wouldn't that be a little suspicious, anyway?

5)  I Didn't Know Until After We Became FB Friends, That You Were 'In A Relationship' - This is extremely frustrating!  You meet someone.  Everything seems like it is fantastic.  You exchange info.  You get to their FB page - and what do you see?  A million pictures of them with their significant other.  Grrrrrrrrr!

These are a few new options that would make Facebook a little more accurate.  But then again, how important is being accurate, and truthful, when using the computer, anyway!?