Well, The Fugitive felt the need to get some more tormenting in today. Unfortunately, I was the recipient. I will be so glad when you catch this thief! Listen to the phone call from The Fugitive (also known as the thorn in my side). But listen carefully as the weasel tries to throw the bounty hunters off the track- When The Fugitive refers to the steak dinner in Sartell, I thought it sounded fishy, so I checked Pete and Jen's call from one of the bounty hunters this morning-- and realized that the Lion's Steak Dinner is in SAUK RAPIDS tomorrow night! Not Sartell- did The Fugitive slip up? Is this criminal taking dinner with someone in Sartell tonite? Or is the snake trying to throw us off track? Here's the REAL info on that Lion's Steak Dinner: It's tomorrow night from 5:30-730 and it's at the Sauk Rapids Legion-  Listen to the call below-