I had my first experience ice fishing this weekend.  I headed to the lake with my "expert fisherman" boyfriend on Saturday night.  :-)  Thankfully.....he provided me with REAL winter clothing...like WARM Boots....A REAL coat....a hat, gloves...you know...Things that all Minnesotan have. (I'm working on it).  I've got the stuff you wear to work...not the kind of stuff you need to go ice fishing.

Kelly Cordes January 5 2014

As we were setting up the house, I thought to myself..."Why would anyone stand out here in the wind, and try to do this".     I "attempted" to assist Todd setting up the fish house... Marking the holes where they should be drilled out... I brilliantly managed to splash cold water all over my face as I was attempting to get the slush out of the ice holes.  I'm tough..(Are you kidding)?  I wasn't about to complain.  I kept a positive attitude.  (I can't get frostbite that quick...Can I?!)  Then I attempted to help Todd shovel snow against the house. I really did WANT to help.   Either I'm really weak, or the snow was frozen so solid, I just couldn't get a good scoop full.  I proceeded to just break up the chunks and he shoveled.  I'm sure he was glad to have my expertise along for the ride.  I actually found it amazing how quickly he did everything.  I guess the racing that he used to do has helped him move so fast!

Believe it or not...We...(Well....HE.....)   got everything all set up....then decided...Hey...Let's come back out in the morning and fish.   I was like...SOUNDS GOOD TO ME!  So that's what we did.

Much to my surprise....It was an absolute blast!  Yes...Right now your saying..."Is this the same girl that was wondering why anyone would enjoy ice fishing?"  Yep....It's me. I remember my dad taking me fishing up north when I was a teenager, thinking I wouldn't enjoy that either.  Now...I'm addicted. I love fishing!  I figure..even though the wind was blowing...the water was cold...the ice was cracking...It was all worth it!

Kelly Cordes January 5 2014

We caught a beautiful Northern, and "almost" two others.  One actually  broke the HOOK...not just the line!  We caught several smaller fish too. We had a nice little TV set up.... watched Forest Gump...Then we watched the Packers.  It was warm in the house, great conversation, and great fishing.   I just loved it. The day went by so fast....I didn't want it to end.

Will I be heading back out on the cracking,  frigid, wind forsaken ice?  ABSOLUTELY I WILL!  I'm ready right now!