I knew that snow was in the forecast yesterday because I read the weather all morning. I decided that when I got off of work, I'd get my grocery shopping done early to avoid leaving the the house again.

I got to the grocery store and only intended to buy a few items, but it quickly turned into a full on shopping trip. I started piling items into the shopping cart's child seat.

I paced through the cereal section, completely unaware of what was about to happen. All of a sudden I heard a loud crash. I looked around and couldn't figure out where the noise came from. Then, I looked down...

There was glass and red sauce all over the floor and splattered all over my boots. My spaghetti sauce slipped out of the holes of the cart's child seat. I looked around and noticed that there were other people that just witnessed this embarrassing moment of mine. With red sauce all over my foot, I went pacing through the store to find a worker to tell them what had just happened.

I didn't realize all the while, I was leaving a trail of red footprints through the store. I finally found a grocery store worker and let them know what I had just done. The man laughed a little and reassured me it was fine. He said it happens all of the time. I felt so bad, I even offered to help clean it up, but he declined.

I got home and immediately started scrubbing the sauce off of my boots. I called my mom and told her what had just happened and let her know I was MORTIFIED. Through her laughter she said, "at least it was sauce and not puke." Gee, thanks, Mom.

Moral of the story, the child's seat is meant for children. Don't put your sauce there.