I've waited a very long time to meet and interview a member of The Beach Boys. The first musical sounds I can recall are courtesy of the five legends from Hawthorne, California. My mother was a huge fan of the group, and passed that enthusiasm on to me at a very early age. One of her most prized possessions were a pair of drumsticks given to her back in 1967 from drummer Dennis Wilson (her favorite). I remember riding my bike to the Ben Franklin in Union Grove, Wisconsin to pick up reissues of Beach Boys albums. I memorized every song (not just the hits), and read every book on the band I could get my hands on.

Chad Taylor

Yesterday, I had the privilege and honor of interviewing one of the groups founders, lyricists, and lead singer, Mike Love. He's on tour promoting 50 years of Good Vibrations and the iconic album "Pet Sounds." Mike also has a new book hitting store shelves next month (9/13) called "Good Vibrations; My Life as a Beach Boy."

Blue Rider