I swear, I take showers every day, but it's almost pointless if I forget to put on deodorant. I even brush my teeth and wear clean clothes... usually.

This morning, however, I took a shower, dried off, threw on my shorts and went to make my bacon and turkey bacon for breakfast. For some reason, I completely spaced out putting on deodorant. Not good, for anybody.

I came into work and felt my arm pits, well, wet. Gross, I know... but I am a guy who sweats, so this is twice as bad as you may think. I just got to work though, so I didn't want to leave after just arriving, so I just dealt with it.

Finally, after making it all the way through lunch without anybody asking me, "what's that smell", I ran home when I had few minutes off free time (don't tell the boss I used the term "free time") and slapped on some Gillette Clinical Strength, don't judge me... I told you I sweat.

The good news is, nobody smelled me before putting it on, after I came back, Shannon asked if I was wearing cologne cause I smell good. Nope, just deodorant. It makes a world of difference.