Shawn Mullins will be performing with Singer/Songwriter Chuck Cannon, who wrote the famous song, "I Love The Way You Love Me" recorded by John Michael Montgomery, and many others, this Saturday night at the Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis. Shawn Grammy nominated Lullaby is probably his most well known tune, but he's got so many others he's written for himself, as well as other well known artists today.


Chad and I recently had the opportunity to speak with Grammy Award Nominee Shawn Mullins. I remember his music from back in the late 1980's during the time I was recording my album.


We had a studio in our basement where we recorded not only our album, but many other projects for bands, solo artists in the area, and more. We would listen to certain CD's for the style of mix they used in their final mastering, and Shawn Mullins album was one of those.

We would have our musician friends over...we would listen to Shawn...he would inspire us to sit down and write, or listen to our acoustic sound, and we would make microphone adjustments...distance, different mics, different acoustic guitars....Either way, it was an exciting time for me...and I thought, how interesting it is, to be able to have this chance to perform with an artist that was clearly a "TRUE" singer/songwriter. I've always been partial to artists that 'do the time' to speak. I want to hear from people who not ONLY have a great voice, but can play an instrument, AND write a song. They are the ones that we should be listening to. It's an amazing talent...and something that Shawn has always been, and continues to do. One of Shawn's recent songs, TOES was recorded by the Zac Brown Band.



Shawn released an album in 2015, entitled "My Stupid Heart."  He is a collaberator, and will be visiting the Twin Cities this weekend with an amazing songwriter named Chuck Cannon who is married to country music superstar of the 90's Lari White.